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Hi, welcome to the Trace My Trail testing family

Enjoy your outdoors trails, follow the great experience of your friends Trace My Trail is the best way to have yours and friend's trails at your service. ====================================================================== FREE VERSION FOR TEST PURPOSE IS AVAILABLE AT THIS ADDRESS ======================================================================= ALERT FUNCTION While you are following a track you can configure the app to advice you when you are near a Point Of Interest and this will give you the possibility to dont lose the elements of the trail like pictures, descriptions and information. This is possible thanks to the built in feature that will alert you on each poi and each indication when you are in the same area of them. MARK YOUR TERRITORY Enjoy your hike, switch on the app, start recording and your trail will be tracked for future use. Add Point of Interest with description and photo, add indication sign to get the right path adding also picture to let understand better wich way take. Get Outside today rediscovering the ourdoors SHARE YOUR TRAILS Make your trails available to your friends or other people, in this way they can enjoy your same experience walking around. You can share the full path with all images, texts and indications inside. When your friend will download it will keep the same images and descriptions FOLLOW TRACKS Let them to walk on your same path exploring and looking your points of interest and get a real guide that indicate the correct way using signs and images. SOME FEATURES ✓ Track your route with your phone’s GPS capability ✓ Add Point Of Interest shooting pictures from your phone's camera ✓ Share your adventure with your friends sending all the package of your outdoork hike ✓ Got audio alert for, not correct path, point of interest, way to take and more ✓ Save trips yours and others on your phone to use later ✓ Follow trips on interactive map while walking ✓ Configure your app to best fit your needs ✓ Use the app without connection tool

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